Zesty Blends Blended Concentrate - Cherry Menthol

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Size: 30ml
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Introducing a new and exclusive range, now available at BLCK.
Cherry Menthol Flavouring—a perfect blend of sun-kissed cherries and invigorating menthol.

- Mix with 80ml Base (sold separately) for best results
- This product is not for inhalation 
- Add flavoring to the base first and shake

Optional: Add 10ml shot (sold separately)

Mixed at 25%
Makes 120ml

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, N/A Flavouring & Non-Nutritive Sweetener

Flavoured Concentrate Blends: For use in beverages, candy, dairy products, bakery items, & confectionery

Warning: This product must be diluted before use and cannot be used alone.

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