PEG 400 (Poly Ethylene Glycol 400)

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Size: 1000ml

PEG 400 (Poly Ethylene Glycol 400) is for external use only. Follow manufacturer guidelines, exercise caution, and seek medical advice for any adverse reactions. Use responsibly and accept personal responsibility.

  • Poly Ethylene Glycol 400 also known as PEG 400 is a base ingredient for specialized types of products.
  • PEG 400 is a low-molecular-weight grade of polyethylene glycol. It is a clear, colorless, viscous liquid
  • United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Grade
  • Available in 1000ml
  • This item is specific to customers who need PEG400 for their required application. Normal mixes make use of propylene glycol.
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