Flavour Brand Directory

Capella (CAP)
Their mission is to provide the widest variety of great tasting flavors, produced with the finest ingredients at the highest levels of quality and purity, they are 100% committed to providing us with the highest quality concentrated flavours on the market, both now and in the future. They know how important quality is to us, which is why their team of highly skilled flavorists take the time to specially select high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients for each formula. Their flavors are free from allergens and animal byproducts. Every flavor they produce is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS Statement) by the FDA.

DIY Flavour Shack (DIYFS)
It all started with a great idea and a little hard work. Today they are proud to provide quality products direct to our doorstep through an experience you will enjoy. And most of all, they hope you will enjoy the products as much as they do.

Flavor Express (FE)
Flavour Express have been offering flavor extracts since 2009, with the goal of providing flavor enthusiasts with cost-effective ways of making their own flavored DIY recipes. Their extensive selection of flavor extracts and their great prices have made them one of the strongest companies in the flavor industry.

Flavor Monks (FM)
Something that Flavor Monks has stood for years: supplying quality products with the most natural character possible. Their mission is to produce great aromas with the best ingredients of the highest quality and purity.

Flavorah (FLV)
Flavorah is food grade flavoring concentrate made from GRAS compounds. Their raw materials are used by manufacturers and flavor artists in over fifty-five countries for further processing in order to make the highest quality and most complex flavor profiles and consumer products.

Flavour Art (FA)
Exceptionally distinctive and so easy to use, only a few drops of their flavors make your creations unique, you do not need to be an expert to experiment, let your imagination flow to the flavour world!

Flavour West (FW)
We know that all you really want is a delicious tasting, high quality food grade concentrated flavoring, and that is precisely what Flavour West brings to you, Of course, quality is just as important as taste, which is why they have an unmatched quality control team. Every batch also meets the industry’s top requirements for manufacturing. Their products are risk free for consumers regardless of use. Whether you love the taste of granny apple, banana, amaretto, brandy, or blood orange, they have a delectable selection of yummy flavoring ready for you to dive into.

Hangsen (HS)
Their quest for excellence has been constant since 2009. After 10 years of experience, Hangsen has obtained profound expertise of craftiness to create the treasures in taste, which is popular across millions of consumers and offering excellence with every bottle, in more than eighty-five countries.

Inawera (INW)
Inawera flavours have been created from food aromas. All the ingredients have been laboratory tested and certified.

Jungle Flavors (JF)
Jungle Flavours have been offering flavor extracts since 2009, with the goal of providing flavor enthusiasts with cost-effective ways of making their own flavored DIY recipes. Their extensive selection of flavor extracts and their great prices have made them one of the strongest companies in the flavor industry.

Liquid Barn (LB)
Liquid Barn flavors are the building blocks to any great tasting recipe. Use a single flavor or mix and match to design your own customized recipes.

Loranns (LA)
LorAnn sells flavorings in a variety of concentrations, formulations, and sizes. All of their flavors are gluten-free, contain no diacetyl, and most are Kosher Certified.

Medicine Flower (MF)
Medicine Flower Genuine Flavors have been known and loved by many since their introduction in 2008, their flavours are highly concentrated and do not contain any colorants, artificial preservatives, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, lactose, calories and are wheat, corn, and gluten free.

One on One Flavors (OOO)
Their flavors are in fact different than any others out there because of their unique formulation in their flavoring lineup. They are free of dairy, diacetyl, gluten, and nut, as well as being keto friendly and vegan. Best of all, their flavors have zero carbs, zero sugars, and zero calories.

Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, they provide supplies of flavouring aromas and concentrates, all their flavours are made from USP grade materials.

Real Flavours (RF)
They are a company based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. They provide the tools necessary to create your own e-juice.

REKA Flavors (REKA)
By partnering with their flavorists and food technologists to create new flavor ideas and formulations. It is their mission to customize each flavor to suit your local culture and environment. This matching principle to align the product with customer’s expectations will ensure your continuing success in the market. Their flavors are created using the best ingredients and latest technology to ensure longer shelf-life, flavor performance and stability under the most rigorous industrial processing conditions.

The Flavour Apprentice (TFA/TPA)
Their goal is to enable flavorist's of all levels to learn about and experience truly professional components, let them help you on your journey into the world of personal flavor creation.

Flavour Train (VT)
Flavour Train Australia is an online retailer of flavour concentrates, their aim is to provide a cost-effective way for all users to enjoy creating their own products and the ability to do so at competitive prices.

Wonder Flavours (WF)
They are passionate about creating savory, food grade flavours. Their team takes pride in providing quality products, their flavours range from buttercream frosting and croissant to black cherry jelly bean.

INFUSED Flavours
This is an in-house brand developed by us locally, and manufactured in Europe.
We've conducted months of testing in order to bring a range of concentrates that are BANGING with flavour.
It's been developed with the mixer in mind and we wanted to bring a unique and refreshing flavour range. The flavours are quite versatile and can also be used as Single flavours.