Vanilla Classic Concentrate (VT)

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Title: 10ml
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Vanilla is one of the most used flavours in recipes, either on its own or already added to concentrates, this flavour will brighten recipes, giving a naturally sweet flavour wherever it’s used. If you’re looking for that perfect vanilla flavour, then this would be the one to reach for in your next creation. This flavour is delicious in a single profile mix as well as mixed with other flavours.

This is concentrated flavouring and must be diluted before use!

Ingredients: Imported Natural and Artificial Flavouring, suspended in Propylene Glycol and Ethanol

V-Train (VT) flavor concentrates are not suitable for use in Food Items, Baked Goods, Hard Candies, Hot & Cold Beverages. However they can be used in various other applications.

Recommended Mix : 0.5-3%