Rose Essence** Concentrate (FLV)

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Title: 10ml

A combination between both a candied and floral Rose that doesn't have an overpowering earthy or floral note, so don't be scared.  This flavor is perfect for a quality rose water but also combines great with other dark and red berries.  Think fresh and fragrant rose petals, before they dry out and become potpourri.   

Little know fact: roses, apples, and strawberries are all closely related.  That is probably why FLV Rose Essence is such a useful tool when accenting recipes based on these notes.  Can also stand center stage for a floral profile or in tea+herbal recipes.

This PG and ethyl based flavor must be diluted before use.

Flavorah (FLV) flavor concentrates are not suitable for use in Food Items, Baked Goods, Hard Candies, Hot & Cold Beverages. However they can be used in various other applications.

Recommended Mix Percentage : 0.5-3%