QP Design Prey Flashlight Mech LTD EDT Kit

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Colours: Brass
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Product Features:
-Single 21700
-Working 510 Flashlight adapter (Low brightness)
-Fits 25mm to 28mm
-Removable 25mm Diameter top cap ring (Threaded)
-Removable 28mm Diameter top cap ring (Threaded)
-Full brass or Matte Black and brass body
-CNC engraving finger print design for the firing switch
-CNC Prey engraving logo Top mounted Thump fire
-Side-Mounted top firing switch
-Removable bottom battery cap with groves and QP Logo
-Compact and small design
-Hybrid top for direct connection to your battery
-Authentication Card

-For advanced users only.
-Build and use at your own risk.
-Use only within the safe limits of the battery you use.
-QP Design & BLCK Flavour is not responsible for misuse of products and user error.
-Mechanical mods require a basic knowledge of Ohm's law, battery amperage, electrical resistance, as well as experienced in coil-building.