Milkshake Concentrate (CAP)

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Title: 10ml
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Some popular milkshake flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, caramel, and butterscotch. There are also more unique and unconventional flavors available, such as blueberry, raspberry, coconut, and peanut butter. Ultimately, the best milkshake flavor is the one that you enjoy the most!

2022 Release by Capella Flavors
Additional Information to be released soon! - In the meantime give it a Single Flavour Test or mix it & try it with other flavors to create something absolutely unique. 

Capella (CAP) flavor concentrates are perfect for use in the following and various other applications:
Food Items
Baked Goods
Hard Candies
Hot & Cold Beverages

Recommended Mix Percentage: 0.5-4%