Starter Kit (Novice) Card

Sale priceR 420.00

This combo is made up for the new user and contains the following items:

1 x Propylene Glycol 500ml 
1 x Vegetable Glycerine 500ml 
5 x PET Bottle (Needle Nose) 10ml 

Chubby PET Bottles (Clear):
10 x 30ml (Short/Fat) 
5 x 60ml 
2 x 100ml

Syringes (Graduated):
5 x 1ml 
5 x 10ml 
5 x 20ml 
2 x 15g Needles (Slip-On) 

5 x Pipette 3ml Disposable 3ml
5 x Stirrer Stick (Plastic) 

**This product does not contain Nicotine, Flavour concentrates or additives. Please purchase separately.

*Picture for representation purposes only.