Crushed Ice 30% Concentrate WS23 (BV)

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Title: 10ml
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Crushed Ice is a variant of koolada used in most international (Malaysian) icy or menthol. It is an additive mixed in PG which adds an icy taste to your creations.

This Variant of WS23 is a more affordable alternative to BLCK Ice and should yield better result

WS23 Diluted at 30% for optimal results

Usage: Recommended at 1% (or 2% if you want that extra added ice effect). This product can also be mixed with menthol or as a substitute for koolada. If this product appears cloudy, warm it slightly to room temperature and mix the contents thoroughly.

This product is used at your own risk, please do not use this if you've had bad experiences with menthol or koolada flavours in the past.

Blck Flavour (BF) flavor concentrates are perfect for use in the following and various other applications:
Food Items
Baked Goods
Hard Candies
Hot & Cold Beverages