Blackberry lemonade Blended Concentrate (30ml)

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Tart lemonade & sweet blackberry, mix it your way!

Mix at 14.5%. Steep 1-2 weeks.
Makes 200ml's

This flavour is on the tart/sour side.
If you like a sweeter taste add CAP Super Sweet to your preference.
Works well with ws-23 and/or menthol.

Also works well in combination with our JELLYDOTS blended concentrate.
Try 2/3 Blackberry lemonade to 1/3 Jellydots.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, N/A Flavouring & Non-Nutritive Sweetener

Flavoured Concentrate Blends: For use in beverages, candy, dairy products, bakery items, & confectionery

Warning: This product must be diluted before use and cannot be used alone.