Chemical Pump - 200 Litre

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Colour: White

200 Litre chemical pump 

  • Vertical lift plunger type pump. Pumps media on the up stroke
  • Includes 2" BSP adapter to fit steel 200 litre drums
  • Lightweight, chemical resistant and reliable
  • Manually operated 


  • Designed for 200 and 210 Litre drums and barrels
  • Constructed of corrosive resistant and FDA compliant polypropylene
  • High Volume Output (patented dual action design pumps media on up and down stroke)
  • 100% serviceable with replaceable seals and flaps (only serviceable hand operated drum pump)
  • Anti-pumping safety strap
  • Wide range of accessories and bung attachments
  • Maximum viscosity of 8 800 CPS (centipoise)
  • Output per single stroke: 400mm (800ml for complete up and down)
  • 45mm diameter stem
  • Dry weight: 0.7kg

Recommended for:

Ideal for transferring many organic acids, alkali's, detergents, cleaning chemicals and other water soluble inorganic chemicals which are compatible with pump component materials.

Do not use:

Do not use with Sodium Hypochlorite (100%), strong solvents such as thinners, xylene, toluene, hexane, DIBK, MEK, MEC.


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